Reading Order

I'm often asked which of my books should new-to-me readers start with. Nearly all my books are stand alone novels even though they are part of a series. As in most things, it's more fun to begin at the beginning. Below is complete list of my books, by series. 

The Clan MacDougall Series

Laiden's Daughter

Findley's Lass

Wee William's Woman

McKenna's Honor

The Clan Graham Series

Rowan's Lady

Frederick's Queen

The Clan McDunnah

A Murmur of Providence

A Whisper of Fate

A Breath of Promise

Stand Alone Novels (not part of any currently existing series)

Isle of the Blessed

Forever Her Champion

Upcoming Series

The Mackintoshes & McLarens

  1. Ian's Rose (September 2016)

  2. To be announced (2017)

  3. To be announced (2017)

Moirra's Heart Series

Stealing Moirra's Heart

Saving Moirra's Heart

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