The Sweet Series 

I decided to create this new 'sweet' series for a few reasons. But mostly, I did it so that my granddaughters could read my books now instead of waiting until they're older. 

I have taken my first three books in my first published series and have 'sweetened' them up just a bit. These will be perfect those those readers who'd prefer to keep all the love scenes behind closed doors. 

Introducing The Brides of The Clan MacDougall, A Sweet Series

Book One of The Brides of The Clan MacDougall 

This is the SWEET/Non-Steamy version of Laiden's Daughter

She was just a bairn when her mother died, leaving her to be raised in Northern England by her harsh step-father and his three sons. Aishlinn never told them she knew the truth; she was the daughter of a Highlander. 

She had given up all hope of ever finding her real family, of ever having a family of her own, or of ever living a life beyond a meager existence. Until fate intervenes one horrifying night when she is forced to flee England for the Scottish Highlands. When she is rescued by a fierce band of Highland warriors, Aishlinn soon learns that kind and honorable men do exist. In the loving arms of their clan, she soon finds an inner strength she never knew she possessed. 

That strength and determination will be tested to its very limits when she is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life; allow the English to kill those she has come to love or surrender for the crime she committed.

Duncan McEwan, battle hardened Highland warrior has never thought of anything beyond his next battle or the day he would become chief of Clan MacDougall. Until the day he rescued a severely beaten English lass from a bitterly cold English stream. 

Torn between what he wants and what he believes he should never attempt to possess, he fights a long and hard-fought battle. No matter how hard he fights it, he cannot argue the fact that he loves her more than his next breath. He will do everything in his power to keep her safe and out of the hands of the English.

Including fighting to his own death.


Book Two of The Brides of The Clan MacDougall Series 

This is the Sweet/Non-Steamy Version of Findley's Lass 

She had won his heart without trying… and he can only hope for a chance to win hers.

When Findley McKenna returns after his battle with the English to offer Maggy Boyle a home among his clan, he finds only death and destruction instead of the young widow who has stolen his heart. With only his faith, his Highlander heart, and a bit of bloodied plaid to cling to, Findley vows he will find Maggy and her sons, no matter what hell he must endure.

But what he didn't count on was a woman with secrets, and Maggy has many. Secrets that, if uncovered, could destroy their budding romance. Maggy is mistrustful - how can she place her future, and that of her sons' in the hands of Findley McKenna, a man she barely knows? And what would he think of her should he learn the truth?

Would their love be able to survive?

Arriving Soon! 

This will be the Sweet/Non-Steamy Version of Wee William's Woman. 

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